Sustainability, accessibility, community: Ortigas East is the underground environmental park

The Philippine real estate market remains robust and developments include affordability, accessibility and amenities. With all the options available to real estate buyers, the major developer Ortigas & Company convincingly demonstrates why his latest property, Ortigas East, is worth the investment.

Ortigas East, formerly Frontera Verde, is being rebuilt by the company with a £ 50bn effort to become an “eco-estate”. This is the first recovery plan of Ortigas & Company, designed under the synergy of Ortigas & Company, Ayala Land and SM Prime. The property aims to seamlessly combine a modern and vibrant community with a lifestyle based on accessibility, community and sustainability.

“Thanks to the existing synergies at Ortigas & Company, we have created a truly unique and iconic eco-estate called Ortigas East, our master plan focuses on the efficient and innovative use of mixed-use homes for residential, commercial and commercial purposes. these facets come together to offer the market an attractive product for investing, working and living, “said Thomas F. Mirasol, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Ortigas & Company.

The first property to be redeveloped with the synergistic effects of Ortigas & Company, Ayala Land and SM Prime, Ortigas East represents an exceptional presentation of the know-how of the three companies. Comprehensive strategic planning and the integration of commercial, residential and residential elements make Ortigas East a place of investment and attention in the future.

Property value improved with location, accessibility

One of the main reasons why Ortigas East is attractive is the proven performance of Ortigas & Company as an investment. The value of the property in Ortigas East has doubled in the past five years. The special features include the excellent location of the property. Ortigas East is the only development along the C5 corridor to have three main access points: C5, Ortigas Avenue and Julia Vargas. Its strategic location places it at the center of economic activity.

In fact, Ortigas East will be the next main commercial address of Metro Manila – a natural extension of the Ortigas Central Business District. With a 95% high office utilization rate from Colliers International, offices based in Ortigas are in great demand by those looking to expand their operations in the region.

The Glaston Tower, which was commissioned earlier this year, will be the first office tower to be built in Ortigas East. As part of the first phase master plan, the Glaston Tower sold 81% of its inventory at launch and will soon be hosting local and multinational companies. It will also be connected to a regional shopping center. The privileged location of Ortigas East makes it a preferred address for many businesses as it is a natural extension of Ortigas’ Central Business District.

Ortigas & Company launched its first office development project in Ortigas East earlier this year: the Glaston Tower. With a record of 81% just hours after its launch, the Glaston Tower demonstrates the strong demand for office supplies in Ortigas and marks the first phase of the renovation of Ortigas East.

The property is also friendly for public transport, private drivers and pedestrians. In addition to the three main access points, Ortigas East has a multimodal transportation terminal, a six-lane boulevard linking Ortigas Avenue to Julia Vargas and a large tree-lined road network in the area.

The 16 hectares of Ortigas East will become an icon of the C5 corridor. Unparalleled accessibility from three main access points – C5, Julia Vargas and Ortigas Avenue – as well as a new boulevard connecting Ortigas Avenue to Julia Vargas sets them apart from other developments. In addition, a multimodal transport terminal will be built to improve the connection of the property to the rest of the city and facilitate the mobility of future tenants, workers and residents.

Creation of ecological land ownership

Ortigas & Company collaborates with world-class companies to create this modern, self-contained building stock: Callison RTKL is the design consultant for the master plan, while WSP acts as a traffic analysis consultant.

“Our vision for Ortigas East is to become an eco-country, we want to set a good example of sustainability and Ortigas East will pave the way for innovative design and a detailed blueprint, as well as our commitment to building healthy places. and happy that people really want to work, buy and live, “says Mirasol.

To make this green vision a reality, Ortigas East will have more than 40% open green space that will connect functional spaces, parks, tree-lined streets and public art. The development also aims to promote a healthy lifestyle by walking in its pedestrian streets.

Ortigas & Company, which has 40% space for the property, is a large residential and office space conducive to convergence and recreation. Future residents of Ortigas East will appreciate the village’s experience with open spaces and parks for events and activities, while tree-lined and wider avenues and boulevards promote a culture of walking that improves the well-being of all.

The renovation of the ecological park will be done in three phases. The first phase begins with the Glaston Tower, a regional shopping center and a residential complex that will open soon. The second phase will focus on the community, while Ortigas East will unveil its open spaces, parks and more housing. The final phase will see the creation of a hotel – a first for a property of Ortigas & Company – as well as other retail and office buildings.

Set the standard for sustainability

Ortigas East sets standards with a focus on environmental sustainability as an environmental asset in the basement.

It aims to reduce CO2 emissions by encouraging the use of the bicycle, by identifying bike paths and bike racks on the site, and by favoring sustainable lighting throughout the building. Ortigas East will also encourage the efficient use of water by putting in place a rainwater collection system for each building.

Finally, Ortigas East is committed to developing an effective waste management system that promotes recycling and proper waste management, as well as health and cleanliness in the neighborhood.

“We believe it is vital to adopt an avant-garde mentality, constantly reinventing our processes and designs to make our properties more attractive to investors, and we do this with our eco-country, Ortigas East, and we “We look forward to the experience and benefit of the Community,” concluded Mirasol.

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