America can not control the global flow of ideas

One of the peculiarities of LinkedIn, a network site of more than 562 million users, is that foreigners wish you a happy birthday, even if your mother has forgotten it. If this happens to you, do not answer: it could be a Chinese spy. According to Reuters, US intelligence estimates that China is running a “super aggressive” campaign on LinkedIn to recruit health professionals, green energy and technology. Other agencies are also nervous. The FBI deplores an “unprecedented” industrial espionage. The National Security Agency says that America is “beaten”.

Ghost Alerts are part of a wave of Western anger generated by cross-border ideas. On 1 June, the European Union complained to the World Trade Organization (WTO) that China was preventing European companies from getting a fair price for their intellectual property. A 215-page White House report on China’s business practices, released in March, contained allegations of intellectual property infringements, including direct theft and forced transfer of intellectual property to joint venture partners in China . On 1 August, Congress passed a law giving the government broad powers over cross-border police operations using “critical technologies”.

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